The loan with the sale of the fifth

If you are an employee or a pensioner and are interested in a loan, it is ideal for you to apply for a loan with a fifth assignment.

Among the various proposals on the market, there is the financing of Gestel that goes to the employees and retirees with Il Quinto, the loan with the transfer of a fifth of the salary or pension.

In detail, this form of financing that is part of the package of products offered by the Gestel financial company is aimed at employees of public administrations or private individuals and pensioners.

The loan with the sale of the fifth of Gestel, details

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The total amount of the loan can reach up to € 36 thousand. Once the financial institution of Gestel has obtained the go-ahead from the employer, the financial company proceeds to disburse the loan with the assignment of the fifth.

The rate is fixed for the entire duration of the loan, which provides for a constant installment and does not require payment of any additional costs.

The loan disbursement times are very rapid and offer the possibility of receiving advances on the amount of funding granted.

The repayment of the loan with Gestel’s fifth assignment is made in monthly installments and the repayment is made through a direct deduction of the installment on the pay slip or pension. The amortization plan is spread over a period of up to 10 years.

The amount of each installment, which can amount up to 600 euros, will include an increasing share of capital and decreasing interest .

Furthermore, the consumer will first pay the corresponding interest and then the capital.

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As for credit costs , the interest rate is a fixed tan that does not exceed 15.5 percent. While the annual percentage rate, ie the total cost of the loan expressed as a percentage and calculated on an annual basis, reaches a share of 16.92%.


In order to start the procedure, it is necessary to present a series of documents to the financial company, which we indicate below in order to facilitate the presentation of the application.

Documents needed to start the file

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– Documentation showing the availability of a perceived income

– Personal signature

– Fiscal Code

– Identity card

For example, an employee or a pensioner requesting a loan with a salary assignment amounting to 15 thousand euros will be required to pay 96 monthly installments of 240 euros with Tan fixed at 10.9% and Taeg at 12.14%. In numerical terms, therefore, the beneficiary of the loan with salary or pension assignment will have to repay 23,040 euros plus some costs including 300 euros of preliminary investigation costs , 16 euros of stamp duty due for the stipulation of the contract.

This example will allow you to clearly understand the times and costs of the loan with a salary-backed or salary-backed loan that you will want to ask to face your expenses with more serenity and total comfort.

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To get an even clearer idea and to “build” the loan to your size, by connecting to the financial company website, you can request a quote that will allow you to get to know the real costs that you will have to face upon the loan. sale of the fifth granted by the Gestel financial company .

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