Quick parent loan

Most families face a tight budget all year round. Semi-annual payments for rings, school trips, school supplies in quick succession alternate purchases of new and larger clothes and shoes, birthday and Christmas gifts. A sudden breakdown of a home appliance or car will significantly disrupt the normal rhythm, complicating transport to school and work or home care. Repair or replacement must be addressed without delay.

Quick parent loan 

parent loan

Sometimes due to poor planning or outside intervention, you get into a time lag in payments for renting an apartment or other services. With sufficient financial reserve, you can easily overcome challenging exceptional expenses. If the budget does not have enough space for the saved amount, even a relatively small amount may appear to be a major complication.

Without a washing machine you can survive for several days, with a car breakdown the situation is much more complicated, but payments for services after a few days of maturity will entail limitations and high penalties. Unfortunately, often unpleasant events come together at once.

You do not have to seek demanding compromises or expose yourself to very unpleasant personal meetings and getting the necessary amount with friends. You can practically solve your problems yourself. A secure loan will give you the option to immediately secure a replacement appliance, repay a debt or a debt owed. You will remedy the unpleasant situation and you will have time to calmly reorganize expenditures, move revenue with better effect and repay the loan amount smoothly.

With a pram to the bank? Certainly not!

With a pram to the bank? Certainly not!

You can solve your worries truly in peace and comfort. You do not have to reschedule babysitting, wander around after long negotiations with the smallest, look for accessible wheelchair access for prams or worry about unpleasant questioning. You do your mother’s work with the best conscience, paying attention to children and taking care of your family. A quick loan is not an unpleasant interview, lengthy filling in unintelligible forms or long waiting.

On the Internet, you fill out a brief request that only requires your name, contact phone and mail. It is important to dispose of your own account, to which you will be subsequently transferred the amount borrowed. Confirmation SMS will give you unique access to our system with a guarantee of safe data storage. The subsequent approval process is led by automated systems. We will assess your viability and then inform you of the positive outcome. Most applications are confirmed by turnover. The transfer of the amount lent depends on your bank, most major banks will receive payment the same day.

You do not have to support your application with a disproportionate number of statements of income, we do not ask for additional guarantors or pledge of real estate or valuable objects. We are here for you, we will help you overcome the difficult period without any unnecessary complications and unpleasant negotiations.

Direct and fair behavior

The most important thing for us is transparent and legible behavior. The terms of credit approval and subsequent repayment are subject to simple rules. You will not be disappointed with hidden fees during your loan withdrawal or repayment. If you can repay the loan earlier, simply transfer the agreed amount with interest. We will not penalize you or discourage the amendment to the contract and the obligation to apply for a shortening of the obligation and early repayment. The same procedure applies in the opposite case. Communicate with us whenever we are happy to answer any questions, and if your situation does not improve as expected, we will try to find additional solutions with you. We will extend the payment schedule and meet your needs. We will not scare you executors or huge penalties. We help you and solve financial problems with you.

All terms and conditions and information are kept free of charge. We speak to you clearly. Exact payment deadlines, precisely set payment amounts. No extra fees, penalties or additions to contracts. You do not need to be a financial expert or be able to read between lines. Our contracts and terms are clear and do not change throughout the term of the contract.

With maximum consideration

We also deal with discretion during negotiations with great emphasis. We will not distribute your data and information anywhere, and will always be discreet. It is up to you whether you decide to use our services again in the future. We only store this information for the purpose of verifying your identity, approving the loan application and transferring the amount to the correct account.

A fundamental decision with a cool head


Caring for the family is extremely demanding even under ideal conditions. Worrying about raising children, keeping expenses and buying households, school responsibilities, all logistics between school and clubs, checks with doctors, often rests on mothers. Of course, serious financial problems will significantly worsen the domestic atmosphere. However, we encourage all our clients to consider their situation carefully. Go through your options now and in the near future. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with immediate cash, but it is still important for us to work with clients who can actually repay the loan according to the agreed repayment schedule. The borrowed money should be invested to deal with a serious situation.

High interest rates are a frequent scarecrow, you do not have to worry about short-term loans. Fast loans for maternity leave amount to CZK 10,000. With a short repayment term, high interest is projected as a small fee, but it gives you the freedom and the ability to repay your obligations in peace and guide future steps with a clean shield.

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